Food Grade Lubricant

CorrLube® Food Grade Penetrant is a multi-purpose, light duty, non-toxic, lubricating oil, developed by Cortec® laboratories, that contains only USDA H-1 approved ingredients. This deep penetrating formulation attacks rust to free the frozen parts and can be applied on machinery where incidental contact with food may occur, without any danger of food intoxication. 

CorrLube® Food Grade Penetrant has a very low surface tension on the water-oil-metal-air interfaces, which provides complete surface coverage and water displacement. This product penetrates quickly to free rusted or corroded fasteners and facilitates easy operation of air actuated pins and guides. CorrLube® Food Grade Penetrant serves as an  excellent anti-corrosion film on equipment during idle periods. Additionally, CorrLube® Food Grade Penetrating lubricant contains an H-1 approved bacteriostatic  preservative. This preservative retards the growth of bacteria which is often present in conventional  lubricants used in food and beverage processing  plants Hazardous corrosion preventatives may cause serious food intoxication. With CorrLube® Food Grade Penetrant, the customer will get excellent and safe corrosion protection, eliminating bacteria and other unwanted consequences.   

Because of H-1 approval, CorrLube® Food Grade Penetrant can be applied on machinery where contact with food can occur as well as federally inspected meat and poultry plants, beverage, and other food processing facilities.

Смазки и антикоррозионные ингибиторы

Fluoramics, Inc объ?вл?ет ?вой новый продукт: не удерживайте Rust ™, нулевой ЛОС поверхно?тно-активные веще?тва, ингибиторы коррозии и промышленные Schmiermittel.HinderRUST ™ пред?тавл?ет ?обой вы?ококаче?твенные промышленные антикоррозионные ?мазки и защиты от коррозии, поверхно?тно-активные же?ткие. Это ?оздание Книги Гинне?а рекорд?мен мира (Tufoil ®) и изобретатель, Фр?нк Рейк. “Данный продукт ?вл?ет?? огромным шагом вперед в мире промышленных ?мазочных материалов”, ?казал Рейк. Его по?ледний продукт пред?тавл?ет ?обой вы?ококаче?твенную ?мазку, не ?одержит ра?творителей, выте?н?ет воду и бы?тро ад?орбирует.

Рейк ?казал: “В отличие от других продуктов, да не преп?т?твует Rust ™ не имеет ра?творителей, оно не ?моет и идеально подходит дл? ограниченного про?тран?тва из-за неа?розольного приложени?.” Это был первый раз в метро, ​​где а?розоли, ра?творители и духи были запрещены и?пользованы. Он был затем и?пользован на веревке, где его низкой напр?женно?ти в?зко?ти и поверхно?тного активно?ть вызывает ему впитать?? в пальто и в?ех концах кабел?. Затем она должна была заменить клейкий jells от Второй мировой войны в железнодорожных тележек verwendet.Wohnen море вашей машины, лодки и ин?трументы дл? вызвать ржавчину, что приводит к дорого?то?щему ремонту. Преп?т?твуют Rust ™ о?тановит ржавчины и коррозии, вызванной водой ?оль и ?оленый воздух. “У на? е?ть те?т, где мы вз?ли образцы из ?тальных пла?тин и поме?тил их в камере ?олевого тумана. По?ле в?его четыре дн? увидел ча?ть не покрыта Hinder Rust ™, как он провел похоронить по?ледние ?то лет, ? Титаника. Pieces ? Hinder Rust ™ покрытием практиче?ки не было ржавчины на них на в?ех “, ?казал Франк.

Reinauer тран?порта, владелец Senesco ВМС те?тирование продукта на ?воем тракторе и веревки. Рейк был при?тно удивлен, обнаружив, у?пех продукта на проводе и как поверхно?тно, ?то то, что говорит: “?аш продукт непо?ред?твенно ?о?ет и предотвращает ржавчины, коррозии и ?мазать провод изнутри, чтобы продлить ?вою жизнь.”

Loctite® Equipment Sourcebook

Henkel Corporation has introduced The Loctite® Equipment Sourcebook, Volume 9, an updated 102-page catalog, presenting the complete line of Loctite® dispensing and curing equipment, from simple hand-held devices to fully automated systems.  New products highlighted in the 2013 catalog include Loctite® cure systems, automated and manual dispense systems, robots, valves and the Loctite® AssureCure® inline system for quantitatively and cost effectively assessing the degree of cure of light cure adhesives.    

The full color catalog features detailed information on all dispense equipment and accessories, and features special sections on light cure and robotic motion-control systems.  Easy to integrate into any manufacturing process, Loctite® equipment is capable of dispensing and curing a wide variety of adhesives, sealants and industrial fluids, from water-thin liquids to high viscosity pastes.
The literature also outlines Henkel’s full range of resources to support manufacturing processes, including modified and customized equipment, equipment rental or lease programs, rebuild/exchange programs, a detailed equipment website and a staff of equipment specialists and field service technicians trained to assist with assembly challenges.

Mold Release Solutions Guide

Henkel Corporation has introduced the new Frekote® Mold Release Solutions Guide, a comprehensive 20-page brochure showcasing the company’s complete line of more than 60-mold release agents for all types of composite and rubber-molding operations. The literature facilitates product selection by organizing selector guides by substrate type and end use.   

For ease-of-use, the Frekote® Mold Release Solutions Guide features individual mold release selector charts created specifically for substrates or applications, including advanced composite systems, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites such as polyester and vinyl ester, rotational/plastic molding, rubber molding, sacrificial mold release and specialty applications. 

The literature also features a material application guide that recommends Frekote® products for use on specific substrates and a troubleshooting guide that lists problems that can occur during molding and identifies related causes and solutions.

Loctite Adhesive Sourcebook

Henkel Corporation has introduced the new Loctite® Adhesive Sourcebook Volume 15. This comprehensive 212-page catalog showcases the company’s complete line of Loctite® adhesives, sealants, lubricants, coatings and dispensing/curing equipment. Featuring more than 1,500 products for industrial manufacturing and maintenance, the Adhesive Sourcebook provides extensive end-use application information, easy matching of products and related equipment, and simple identification of new and established products.   

For ease-of-use, the Adhesive Sourcebook is divided into the following industrial application categories: bonding (instant, flexible and structural); coatings;  flooring and concrete repair; gasketing/sealing; lubricating; machining; potting and encapsulating; repairing/building/restoring; retaining; surface cleaning; threadlocking; thread sealing; toolboxes and specialty kits; medical device adhesives; and equipment. Each application category features helpful product decision trees to simplify adhesive selection, typical applications, and relevant equipment options. Decision trees provide product descriptions and technical information in an at-a-glance format.
Items printed in red ink indicate new or preferred products and technologies. 

The Adhesive Sourcebook features a quick reference listing of Loctite® products that meet agency and regulatory approvals from the ABS, CFIA, CSA, FDA, ISO, Mil-Spec, NSF, UL, ULC, and NEHC. Easy-to-use indexes help readers to quickly locate specific Loctite® products by item number, IDH number or chemistry. Information is also available about engineering and training services.

Seat cover optional

1, whether the color of the color of the car interior to match?

     Car seat cover with harmony and automotive interior colors, most of the color of your car interior is black, you need to consider the light intensity the selected chair cover color is too dark, it will make the car driving a depressing feeling. So mainly black interior is best to choose a bright color tone; contrary cars interior color is beige gray or other colors of black and red and white best choice.

2, driver age different choices

For young people, it is best to choose the color and lively rich sporty. Girls in select seat cover time favorite colors and lively style popular tone; boys choose most sporty. So as to reflect young people’s unique psychological characteristics. The middle-aged motorists most customers choose a color neutral, peaceful, rich cultural atmosphere chair cover pattern.

3, outside the paint color of the car seat covers selection

Affixed to the film car, the basic appearance look less than inside the room, so that alternative still a lot of hue; foil, in the choice of car interiors, considering the overall automotive exterior paint and interior color effects, of course, the owner can also own hobbies to choose their favorite car seat covers.

4, models style mix of style and seat covers

If the style of your car for business sedate type of course is to choose the best car seat cover the same steady introverted style. If your car is similar to the Chery QQ cute version of the type, select the equally lovely and lively style car seat cover most coordination interesting.

5, the choice of material

Different prices for different quality, they use time is different, thus their cleaning methods and the pros and cons are very different.

6, brand choice

Not to say that the brand will certainly be good, not what shortcomings, most the least brand is guarantee to ensure the value of this thing where.

Siège d’auto couvre de la mode

Comme dit le proverbe: “les gens comptent sur un étendage selle, décoration de voiture, siège d’auto couvre , coussin est tout à fait une partie importante d’un très grand impact sur le style de décoration de la voiture en général. Maintenant, housses de siège a été conçu pour une variété de tissus comme le velours, coton, fibres chimiques, le genre de fantaisie très riche, fonctionnel tend ménage, décorative, “sur-mesure” ( Siège de voiture personnalisée couvre concept) a été populaire sur le marché.

siège housse de voiture a été nettoyé d’abord en maintenant les caractéristiques de la surface de siège, le développement de la “mode” caractéristique de la voiture maintenant, pour exprimer l’esprit du propriétaire, afin de refléter le goût du propriétaire. «Dans le passé, les gens en général une utilisation housse de siège pendant une longue période, et maintenant les gens changent couvre siège comme changer de vêtements, des saisons différentes pour le remplacer par un titulaire années capot de selle différente, deux fois, trois fois, voire plus, plus de couleurs, exigences modèle de processus, belles, concept couture pour housse de siège «généreuses, voitures de l’avenir sera de plus en plus populaire. “

Car cushion and seat back support tends to health care

The car seat is an important part of car Interior , and its development is also to promote the development of automobile decoration industry. Used to improve the seat comfort and wear resistance of a decorative car cushion,car cushion market consumption continued to increase, from the texture of the product to the style has become even more diverse and gradually increased, however, based on the original health care, massage, eliminate fatigue and other features. The array of cushion to meet the various needs of different owners. Long car owners is necessary, especially in the summer, a good cushion of moisture absorption and permeability, allowing owners more comfortable in the driving process. Long car owners is necessary, especially in the summer, a good cushion of moisture absorption and permeability, allowing owners more comfortable in the driving process.

Prolonged sedentary certain harm caused to the human body, which makes more people know the role and benefits of the seat back support, and timely attention. Thus it demands more and more present, a lot of cushion with massage function, cool, breathable, anti-bacteria, promote blood circulation, eliminate tension relieve driving fatigue. In recent years, however, the market appeared a seasons four seasons cushion, it can be used throughout the year does not need to be replaced with other cushion features soft, comfortable, good ventilation, permeability, flame retardant, anti-static very Suitable for the majority of consumers. Care for life, from the details of the start.

The car floor mats pay more attention to security

 car floor mats is a practical automotive supplies, can effectively play the role of water-proof, dust-proof, suitable for rain and cold weather, and is also a lot of car owners must buy a car after car decorations. However, such a small items, but it is easier to be owners neglect maintenance and the use of safety. The “the mat door” event occurred some time ago a brand car, let the people have security issues of concern to the mat.

car floor mats products of poor quality because of the inaccurate version of the type, the design is not scientific, not a professional production and other reasons, the process of using the more common problem is easy to ‘walk’, and thus lead to safe driving accidents have repeatedly occurred. With the ‘UFO lock’ 3D dimensional mat new buckle design to ensure that the mats do not ‘walk’, not stuck in the normal operation of the accelerator or brake pedal. With the growth of the automobile market and the rise of consumer awareness, more and more car owners for the purchase of car mats will be more emphasis on texture and security.

Steering wheel cover to make your car look unique

Speaking of the steering wheel cover, I think we are not unfamiliar and cushions, mats, it is popular in the automotive commodity markets. Consumers to buy it mainly want to play a decorative role in the car, another material quality steering wheel cover also allow owners to feel more comfortable driving. the custom Steering wheel cover Designer inspiration is endless, and they keep a lot of different fabrics and patterns designed steering wheel cover to meet the shortage of automotive consumer goods market.

In our common type of steering wheel cover, is divided into the following three.

1. Lovely

Cute steering wheel cover not only design eye appealing, but also does not affect its ease of use and comfort. Now the common market plush sets, imitation animal fur (leopard, zebra, tiger stripes, etc.) feel very fashionable. In addition, there is a cartoon characters, not just the cartoon images printed on the sleeve surface and further three-dimensional cartoon dolls directly mounted on the steering wheel put.

2 mature Business

The main characteristics of this type of steering wheel cover is reflected in the material. Usually velvet and leather as the main material. The velvet material looked highlight extravagance, but relatively easy to wear, service life is relatively short, uneven sets of body surface mottled color may occur after a time, to consider comprehensive choice. The cortex is relatively durable. Soft goatskin leather solid owner driving the grip of a turn to feel real.

3 sporty

The sporty steering wheel cover both foam and soft rubber. Sporty characterized by color vivid, lively, giving a sense of youthful vitality.

The above three types of steering wheel cover is most common on the market, available for readers steering wheel cover need to purchase a small reference, the selection can be biased in favor of soft materials, thus reducing the friction of the steering wheel, as well as increase the feel and friction to prevent the shot slippery conditions when sweat.